How to Fix When Power Outages Affect QuickBooks Company File?

QuickBooks company file

While using QuickBooks when power outages or fluctuations occur, it badly affects the software. A user gets logged out of the software and various files get corrupted. This article will give you a bird’s eye view of how to prevent the Power Outages Affect QuickBooks Company File.

What are the causes when Power Outages Affect QuickBooks Company File?

QuickBooks company data files get damaged when the software faces power outages. There is no certainty as to the user will be able to log in the software. When you get stuck and are unable to sign in QuickBooks, your routine work gets hampered. Even your company data files are at risk of being corrupted.

When power fluctuations occur, the working of QuickBooks files gets interrupted and damaged. Your device may shut down or crash or may even behave sluggishly.

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How to prevent damage to QuickBooks company files due to power outages?

By following the below steps, you can prevent your company files to get corrupted because of power outages.

  1. Perform regular backups.

You need to ensure that regular backups of the company files are taken and saved at different locations. You can consider backing up the data files to the cloud as well.

  1. Make use of the Verify Data Utility.

While backing up your company files, you may be prompted to verify the data integrity first. When you frequently use his tool, it allows you to validate whether your data files are in proper shape or not. This tool can be run manually by going to the File menu > Click on Utilities > Select Verify Data.

  1. Make use of Uninterrupted Power Supplies.

The best way to prevent damage to the QuickBooks company files is to make use of Uninterrupted Power Supplies or UPS. These prevent any temporary glitches from damaging or corrupting your database. It is recommended to install UPS on the computer which runs in areas which face frequent power outages, surges, or lightning.

  1. Avoid wireless connections.

When you use QuickBooks software over a wireless connection, you will face data damage at some point or the other. This happens because packets of information get scrambled during the read/write process. If it is not possible for you to hardwire all the devices, you can use Remote Desktop Connection to provide access to prevent loss of company files.

  1. Keep the files size small.

A user needs to keep the file size small to prevent any interruption in the company files. The optimum size varies with the type of QuickBooks that you are using. Ideal (.QBW) file size for QuickBooks Pro/Premier is 150 MB and for QuickBooks Enterprise it is 1 GB.

  1. A user needs to keep the file fragments low.

You can use F2 to find the file fragments and they should be around 10. High file fragments are problematic as they are usually caused by the hard disk where the file is located is too full and compact. It is ideal to keep at least 40 percent of space free in the hard disk where QuickBooks is stored. This lower the risks of any corruption of the company data files.

  1. Be careful with Intuit Advanced Inventory.

Advanced Inventory has some unique and useful features but also poses problems of data corruption and damage. Before enabling the feature, you can consult your Pro-advisors.

  1. Maintenance of the hardware.

You need to ensure that your computer where the QuickBooks software is stored is functioning properly and is not bulky. Also, solid-state drives could be used to store the software as they are stable and faster.

Even after keeping in mind the above checks you are facing corruption of the QuickBooks company files, then you can call on QuickBooks Enterprise Tech Support +1-805-257-5030 for immediate assistance by experts.

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