Tasks to perform before upgrading to QuickBooks Desktop version 2018

Task to perform upgrading QuickBooks Desktop version 2018

With each upgrade, QuickBooks comes up with new features to facilitate its users with easy business management. These feature improves the working with QuickBooks. This makes it important to keep up with these technological upgrades to avail the new features of QuickBooks.

The experts of QuickBooks says that there is a need to perform a few tasks before upgrading the QuickBooks software. This article will tell about what these tasks are? And also about the need to perform these tasks. However, the best authority to provide the information is the QuickBooks Support Service. They will give a better understanding of the tasks to be performed before upgrading the QuickBooks version 2018.

Purpose of executing these tasks

One needs to perform certain tasks before upgrading the QuickBooks desktop to avoid errors. So it becomes important to clean the system to remove the unwanted files and cache. The cleaning process includes reviewing data to avoid data corruption and eliminate the problem of slow down.

Tasks to perform before Upgrading QuickBooks Desktop version 2018

Before upgrading the users need to review a few certain documents and files. Then they need to perform the cleanup. To get the experts to help in order to know the tasks then contact the QuickBooks Support Phone Number. The list of reviews to perform are mentioned below:

  • Database review – The database audit is used to highlight details, estimates documents and exchange sorts. In the review process, the database review checks for effective utilization of detailing. It also determines the potential issues in the company files.
  • Monetary review – The monetary review takes place where the correlation of material changes is determined. The review checks the legitimacy of the records and the affirmation of balances. It also involves an analysis of asset records.
  • Profit and loss review – It checks on the differences in the gross and net revenue reports. It also surveys the cost and wage account to influence proposals on the proficiency methods.

Clean installation process for Upgrading QuickBooks Desktop version 2018

After the reviews are done, there is a need to perform the clean installation of the QuickBooks desktop software. Here are the steps to do so:

Step 1: Uninstall the previews version of the QuickBooks desktop software from the computer

  • Go to the control panel and navigate through the uninstall a program
  • Select QuickBooks and click on uninstall
  • Follow the steps to uninstall and then click on remove

Step 2: Rename the installation folders

  • To rename the QuickBooks installed folder one can use the QuickBooks clean install tool
  • The users can even manual rename the installation folders at the program folder
  • There are multiple locations where the folders are created which needs to be renamed

Step 3: Reinstalling QuickBooks desktop on the computer

Once the uninstallation process is complete then restart the computer. Now download the QuickBooks desktop software from the QuickBooks website or from the disk. It is always advisable to use disks to download such software. If the users have purchased and downloaded the QuickBooks desktop software from the QuickBooks website, they will get the license number on the payment page or from the CAMPS.

These tasks later help in the upgrading process. The chances of getting an error or facing issues get eliminated, as it removes the damaged data files. There are a few key points that need to be kept in mind before upgrading. For example, only the admin user can upgrade the QuickBooks file, once the upgrading is done company file cannot be opened in the previous version and so on.

To seek professional help contact the QuickBooks error support number +1-805-257-5030.

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