Way to Fix QuickBooks Validation Code Issue

QuickBooks Validtaion Code

QuickBooks is the accounting software that keeps track of your financial activities of the business. It is designed for small and mid-sized businesses. The software can be used for generating an invoice, paying bills, preparing reports, and taxes. Sometimes, its users face error while activating the software on their system. It occurs when they try to add the QuickBooks validation code and after adding it, they receive an error message saying “Validation code is incorrect/ the service is temporarily unavailable during QuickBooks desktop activation”. To resolve this error, you need to understand the troubleshooting steps.

Requirements for QuickBooks validation code solutions:

Below are the essential requirements for QuickBooks validation code:

  1. An active version of QuickBooks
  2. There should be a match between the product code and the license number of your QuickBooks.
  3. A confirmation email regarding the purchase of the software from the QuickBooks server, or Inuit.
  4. If you have bought the CD, then there must be a brightly colored sticker.

Resolve the QuickBooks Validation Code issue

To surely terminate the issue, below solutions are provided:

Way 1. Date & Time Issue

  1. Firstly, you have to close all the QuickBooks related files, and the software itself.
  2. Secondly, make a right mouse click on “Time Display” option in the Windows Task Bar. From there, you have to adjust the date and time.
  3. Thirdly, go for the Date & Time tab. You have to check for the current year’s date. Go for Apply and Ok.
  4. Do this precisely: Open QuickBooks Desktop and press Help>> Activate QuickBooks (if you have a Canadian version of QuickBooks, then you have to start registration for Quick Start>> QuickBooks >> QuickBooks).
  5. Lastly, you have to enter the QuickBooks validation code. And then go for the NEXT option.

Way 2. Reset QuickBooks ‘.ecml file’

While installing QuickBooks Desktop software, there is a prerequisite of the license number and product code. This will certainly validate your QuickBooks.

Some damaged file can also bring tons of errors in QuickBooks validation. You have to keep a check while installing the software.

Delete/Remove EntitlementDatastore.ecml file.

  • Firstly, you have to close the QuickBooks Desktop on your computer system.
  • Be double sure that all QuickBooks processes are terminated.
  • Now, you have to do the following from your keyboard: Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to open the task manager.
    • One thing to note here that, for the operating system, which is Windows 10 – you have to make sure that press on more details.
  • Then, moving forward, you have to go for the process tab.
  • Make all the processes alphabetically in line. This can be done by pressing on the Processor name header.
  • Lastly, open the Entitlement Data folder, and do below:
    • On the keyboard, press Windows + R to open the ‘RUN ’
    • Now enter the folder location C:\ Program data\ Intuit \ Entertainment client\ version 8 or version 6 and Press
  • Now right click ‘EntitlementDataStore.ecml file’ & choose Delete
  • Press the ‘YES’ option to confirm that you want to delete the file.
  • Open the Company file & follow the instructions to register the application.

Way 3. Reactivate MSXML

There are different steps for different bits of the operating system. Let us discuss one-by-one.

  • 64-Bit Windows:

  • Firstly, you have to go to the start menu. After this step, right click & press RUN as administrator.

A note to mention here: There are different commands in Windows 8. You have to press the windows key & type CMD. Then, through your mouse, right click & select RUN as administrator.

Follow these steps:

  • C: at the prompt, fill in cd \ windows \ syswow64.
  • Fill in ‘Regsvr32 MSXML4.dll’ & press Enter
  • Now enter Ype Regsvr32 MSXML6.dll & press Enter.
  • 32-bit Windows:
  • Firstly, Press Windows key+ R, and then open the RUN window
  • Secondly, you have to enter CMD & press Enter
  • Thirdly, you have to enter, regsvr32 MSXML4.dll & select Enter
  • Lastly, enter regsvr32 MSXML6.dll& select Enter

Way 4.  Initiate QuickBooks Install Tool

If you are incurring errors in your QuickBooks Desktop, then you can surely terminate these issues by initiating QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
This can fix various errors related to .NET Framework, C++ and MSXML.
Run this tool to save time before making any corrections manually.

Way 5. Generate an Admin for New Windows

At times, you have to generate ‘New Windows User’ to stay away from the account damage.

Perhaps, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, you have to go to the Start button. On the next, locate Settings.
  • Secondly, you have to locate Accounts. Moving forward, choose Family and other users.
  • Thirdly, you have to go through the Users Tab. From this, Add someone else to this PC.
  • Fourthly, you have to drag down to the end, and press I don’t have this person’s sign-in information.
  • Choose to Add a user without a Microsoft account from the bottom of the page.
  • Type in the name of the new account.
  • Next, sign out from Windows & sign in as a new user
  • Now open QuickBooks Desktop & choose Help>> Activate QuickBooks>> Start Activation.

Way 6. Restore QuickBooks Desktop (A Pure Clean Install)

If nothing has worked till now then Uninstall QuickBooks Desktop>> Rename Installation files back>> Reinstall QB Desktop.   This process is known as QuickBooks Clean Install.


The blog has mentioned the requirements to fix the specific error. We hope that the above steps will help you to troubleshoot the QuickBooks validation code error. You can take the help of the blog whenever you come across this error. If you are still facing the QuickBooks Validation Code error, then dial the QuickBooks Toll- Free QuickBooks Support Phone Number  1-805-257-5030.