QuickBooks Payroll setup and use

QuickBooks Payroll setup & Use

QuickBooks offers extremely comprehensive payroll features. It ensures correct payroll procedures and tax compliances, but it also needs a long QuickBooks Payroll setup process. QuickBooks Payroll allows you to calculate paychecks accurately, calculate payroll taxes automatically and avoid tax penalties.

The setup process for QuickBooks payroll requires a little time and effort, but this article will list out all the simple steps involved as a part of QuickBooks Enterprise Technical Support.

How to set up Payroll in QuickBooks?

Before QuickBooks online payroll setup, make sure have all the basic information at hand, for both employer and employee. Also, be sure to determine specific information, such as the schedule for paying your employees. It can be weekly, bi-weekly, twice a month, or monthly. Here is a checklist of information you should keep with you to save time and effort:

  • Bank Account Info
  • Employee Compensation
  • Employee Benefits
  • Pay Rate
  • Paycheck Deductions
  • Pay Schedule
  • Leave policy
  • Hire Date

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Once you have all this information with you, you can begin setting up QuickBooks. These are the steps:

  1. Go to the Employees Menu.
  2. Go to Payroll.
  3. Click “Get Started with Payroll”.
  4. Answer questions regarding Payroll.
  5. Click Add employee.
  6. Enter Employee Information, such as Employee Withholdings, Pay Schedule, Employee Pay, Paycheck Deductions and Contributions, Payment Method and Year-to-Date Payroll Information.

It is extremely important that you enter the accurate information.

  1. Click Done in the bottom right of the screen when you’re finished adding employee information.

You have successfully finished setting up QuickBooks Payroll. Once you have all the employee information set up, you are ready to run QuickBooks Payroll Online.

How to Run QuickBooks Online payroll setup?

Before running QuickBooks Payroll Online, be sure to choose the plans available on the QuickBooks website wisely and in a way that suits your needs.

Follow these steps to run QuickBooks Payroll Online by setting up payroll in QuickBooks:

  1. Go to the Employees Menu.
  2. Select Run Payroll.
  3. Follow the instructions listed on the Payroll Processing Wizard. You will need to enter information about your employees such as:
  • Bank account – The bank account from which payroll taxes are deducted from will appear. If the bank account you see here is not accurate, choose the correct account from the drop-down arrow.
  • Pay period –  You can select the correct pay period by clicking on the drop-down arrow if it is incorrect.
  • Pay date – This date assigned to pay your employees will appear.
  • Hours worked – You will need to enter the hours worked for the pay period for all the employees.
  • Salary employees – The total pay will be automatically calculated based on the annual salary information entered during setup.
  • Total pay – This will have the gross pay for all employees on the payroll.
  1. Make sure you have entered the correct information, then approve the payroll.

You have now successfully set up and run QuickBooks Payroll. These are all the available features that you can configure according to how you wish to run your payroll in QuickBooks.

You can also call the QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number +1-805-257-5030 if you have any further questions regarding this issue. The number is very reliable and easily available online. There are Intuit Certified ProAdvisors who are prepared to guide you through any problems you may have.