Introduction to QuickBooks Messanger or chat

QuickBooks Messanger for chat

QuickBooks, generally, comes up with features from time to time. One more medal added to its list is QuickBooks Online Chat also known as QuickBooks Messenger. This is made, by keeping in mind, the multi-verse of QuickBooks.

Let us discuss QuickBooks Chat.

QuickBooks chat

QuickBooks Chat or QuickBooks Messenger

Inuit Inc surely came up with a newly added feature in QuickBooks known as QuickBooks Chat or QuickBooks Messenger. The company wants that all the users of QuickBooks among an organization must remain in contact with one another. So, to fill this sole purpose, Chat came into the picture. It is made to fill up a bridge between different users.

QuickBooks Messenger Chat

How to get Chat option?

If you want to stay connected to your business partners or users on QuickBooks, then, you must know how to open Chat option. We will guide you in knowing this.

Just open your QuickBooks account. Double click on the chat icon after your QuickBooks is fully launched and is ready to use. This will enable QuickBooks Chat on your system and you can message the ones who are on QuickBooks.

Describe the ways to use Chat (Messenger) to message others

In order to find the right icon for the chat option, right click on the QuickBooks Messenger, and start your chat with that person. You have to select the person from the chat options with whom to want to initiate the chat.

At times, the administration wants to hold the rein of chats, then it can log in and chat with the other users. Go by the process, the administration can select the person and send the message.

QuickBooks Mesanger for chat with others

How to change the QuickBooks Online Chat (Messenger) status?

It is a sensible thing that you can’t remain available all the time. Let us consider an example that when you are ill or unfit to come onto the work, you can have the tag of available. We will let you know how to change status on QuickBooks Messenger.

The status can be changed when you click on your name. A drop-down message will appear in which your name will be there. From there, you can change the status of your QuickBooks messenger as per your choice.

Ways to disable QuickBooks Online Chat Support

At many times, you don’t want to chat with the users, due to some meetings or any other business. In this case, you can disable QuickBooks messenger
As QuickBooks Messenger is disabled, you won’t be able to get in touch with your fellows. If you don’t want to use QuickBooks Online Chat, then:

Disable QuickBooks Messenger
1) Make a sign in in QuickBooks as Admin.
2) Login ID is of Admin if you going for multi-user mode.
3) Locate the File menu. Then, in that, click on Utilities.
4) After all this, you will get a message of Disable QuickBooks Instant Messenger.
5) Now, sign out of the company file and again login to see the effects.
The important note you should take here is that these disable messages are only visible on the Admin part. Others users don’t have any access to it.

Our Help Desk
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