What is QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping?

QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping

The most recent update by Intuit for its QuickBooks Online users is “Live Bookkeeping”. This service has been tested with a few small business owners in May 2019. Today, we are here to tell you about this latest update in detail. You just need to be in touch with us to get all the information regarding “QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping”.

This service includes a monthly categorization, reports, reconciliation, QuickBooks online set-up, end of year closing and help the user with using QuickBooks.

Furthermore, through this service, the user will be able to talk to a bookkeeper via video chat and take help on some of the issues that might be bothering him while using QuickBooks. QuickBooks users can take help in the following cases:

  • QuickBooks Online set-up: You can talk to a bookkeeper to set up your QuickBooks online and know about the features and functionalities of your software. Along with this, your team of bookkeepers will also assist you in knowing the ways to use QuickBooks software.
  • Categorization of expenses: The team of bookkeepers will categorize your expenses that will save your time and you can texpense in a simpler manner.
  • Issues related to the bank feeds: You can avail the service of live bookkeeping to import a transaction that is older than 3 months, when QuickBooks is unable to support the particular bank or if there is no sync between the bank and QuickBooks.

In order to contact bookkeepers, the user just requires to give a few details. After that, we will match your details with your US-based, QuickBooks certified bookkeepers in less than two minutes. After that, you will get a small team of experienced and qualified experts who will work for you and help you in dealing with issues related to QuickBooks.

Benefits of QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping

The following is a list of all benefits that the user will get by availing the service of “QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping”:

  • The team of bookkeepers helps you in correcting the bank reconciliations which will reduce the stress levels.
  • The team of bookkeepers will ensure that the books are up-to-date, ready for tax time and accurate.
  • This service will save your time that can be invested in doing some other tasks.
  • Resolves issues related to the bank feeds.
  • A bookkeeper verifies the records and make the error correction.
  • A personalized report has been offered by your bookkeepers so that you can understand your business properly.

Services that are provided by the team of bookkeepers

  • The team of bookkeepers offers you expert support by setting up appointments with a bookkeeper.
  • Bookkeepers maintain diligent records by tracking your progress.
  • The team of QuickBooks live bookkeeping assists you in closing your books.
  • The team of bookkeepers assists you in customizing your setup automation, organizing chart of accounts and connects banks.
  • You will be able to manage tax preparation by taking this service.
  • It helps you in reconciling the bank accounts.

What qualifications do Bookkeepers have?

Bookkeepers are experts in finance, bookkeeping, and accounting. The team consists of certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors, few of them are CPAs. All of the bookkeepers have experience working with small businesses. Along with this, they are eligible in resolving all the issues that can hamper the workflow of your business.

Pricing of QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping

The cost of QuickBooks live bookkeeping has been divided into three categories that are listed below:

  • Low-volume bookkeeping (for businesses with up to $25,000 in monthly expenses).

$221 per month

  • Medium-volume bookkeeping (for businesses with $25,001-$150,000 in monthly expenses).

$421 per month

  • High-volume bookkeeping (for businesses with $150,000 or more in monthly expenses).

$621 per month

Some important points that you may know

  1. Bookkeepers can access to: The team of bookkeepers can only access to your QuickBooks files and the information that you have uploaded into your account.
  2. Availability of bookkeepers: You can talk to a bookkeeper during regular business hours or email, or leave messages at any time.
  3. How long you have to wait to talk to an expert: You have to wait only for two minutes to connect with your bookkeeper. You can also select an appointment that will be suitable according to your schedule.
  4. How many times you need to connect with bookkeepers: We advised you to connect with QuickBooks live bookkeeper at least once in a month.
  5. How long it will take to connect with bookkeepers: After choosing QuickBooks live bookkeeping, you will connect with one of the bookkeepers based on your business details. You will be able to talk to them via video chat and resolve all your queries related to QuickBooks.
  6. Service that is not provided by QuickBooks live bookkeeping: QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping will not provide the payroll setup support to its users. The team of bookkeepers will only take care of bookkeeping. You can not avail of this service for a CPA or accountant. A bookkeeper will help you in preparing tax but will not handle your taxes.
  7. No Contract: The business owners can switch to any plan or purchase any plan at any time.

In conclusion, If you still have any queries related to “QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping”, then quickly get in touch with our team by dialing QuickBooks Helpline Number 1-805-257-5030