QuickBooks For MAC discontinued, where else to navigate?

QuickBooks for MAC 2016

If you are QuickBooks MAC user, then this article is a must read for you. Intuit has announced to discontinue QuickBooks for MAC 2016, and the support will be available only till May 31, 2019.

Hence, it becomes imminent for QuickBooks for MAC 2016 users to find an appropriate alternative to avoid any delays and disruptions in the work process. The MAC users can go to a trusted alternative, i.e. QuickBooks Online which is cloud-based software. Moreover, QuickBooks Online is a good option and an efficient tool that gives any time – anywhere access to its users.

If you do not migrate in time from QuickBooks MAC 2016?

For the QuickBooks for MAC 2016 users, it is important to migrate well in time. Otherwise, they might have to face several consequences because of this. Below given is a list of consequences that might arise for QuickBooks Mac user after May 31, 2019.

  • No Tech Support- All technical support will discontinue after May 31, 2019, and Intuit will provide no support and assistance after that. It is highly recommended to navigate from QuickBooks for MAC to QuickBooks Online for which technical support is effectively available.
  • Payments through Cards– Making Credit Card Payments from customers will be also be discontinued from QuickBooks MAC 2016 Software after the deadline of May 31, 2019. You can alternatively link your Intuit Payments account to the QuickBooks Online Account.
  • The Payroll Services- The Payroll functions and services will also be discontinued, and you will be unable to process payments through QuickBooks MAC. It is vital to switch to QuickBooks Online and choose one of the Payroll services for proper payroll processing.

What is QuickBooks Online and what are its benefits?

QuickBooks Online is versatile and compatible software for MAC, Windows and computer devices. The new free standard conversion to QB Online is available for the QuickBooks for MAC users who are looking to navigate to QuickBooks Online.

Moreover, QuickBooks Online is adaptable and suitable for all types of business needs which might be big or small, complex or simple. We can easily say that QuickBooks Online is the best product of the QuickBooks Product line with its multi facets.  It ensures you have a proper track of expenses, sales, the payment received, payments made, etc. The work you do gets synced with your desktop, smartphone, laptop, tab, etc.

There are many other useful features in QuickBooks Online, and you can learn these by getting in touch with a QuickBooks Expert at QuickBooks Enterprise Support phone number 1-805-257-5030.

Effective Features of QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online gives you an anytime-anywhere access, thus making work easily and comfortably done. Additionally, you can access QuickBooks Online features from any smartphone/tablet. Below given are some of the benefits:

  • Tracks your Income and Expenses and evaluates how much profit you made.
  • Sends and tracks Invoices
  • Downloads Bank and Credit Card transactions. It also manages them.
  • Prints Checks and records Transactions in QB
  • Data Import from MS Excel or QB Desktop
  • Automatic Data Backup
  • Stringent security measures so you can access data without worry
  • Easy access from smartphone or tablet
  • Creating receipt snapshots, so you are all set at tax filling time
  • You can invite two accountants to access your data

The System Requirements for QB Online?

It is necessary to know the System Requirements before you look to navigate to QuickBooks Online which are given below:

  • The Operating System – For Windows 7 (x86/x64) or newer versions, Apple MAC 10.5 or newer, Apple iOS 7 or newer versions and the Android.
  • A high-speed net connection (It can be Wireless or Ethernet, e. LAN)
  • The Supported browsers are- Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari.
  • QuickBooks Online compatibility with mobile apps- It works well with Apple iPhone, Google Android, Tablets and Apple iPad though some features might be missing in the Mobile devices.

That’s it for this article. It is crucial and imminent that you navigate in time from QuickBooks for MAC 2016 to QuickBooks Online, so there are no undesired delays arise while you are working. If you have anything to ask about the above-written content or you want experts to advise, then speak to a certified expert at QuickBooks Enterprise Support.

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