How to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 6147?

QuickBooks Enterprise Error 6147

While using QuickBooks software when a user tries to open the original client files or their backup, the users face QuickBooks File Error 6147. This article will give you a bird’s eye view about the causes of QuickBooks Error 6147, its effects and possible troubleshooting solutions to fix the error and related issues.

What are the causes of QuickBooks Error 6147 and how is it displayed?

QuickBooks Error 6147,0

The mentioned error may be caused because of a damaged or corrupted company file with (.QBW) extension. The backup file name, including its path as well, maybe exceeding the limit of 210 characters and hence can be a reason for the error. You must have attempted to restore the backup of the company file with (.QBB) extension from a network drive.

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How to resolve QuickBooks Error Code 6147?

A user should try every possible solution to successfully fix the error. The underneath troubleshooting steps should be followed properly for achieving desired results.

Solution 1:

You have to install QuickBooks File Doctor. The File Doctor tool helps to fix errors related to company data file corruption and common networking errors. You can download the tool for rectifying the error.

Solution 2:

When the backup file name is erroneous. To fix the problem, restore the backup to a new location by following below steps.

  1. You need to ensure that your system is not hosting multi-user access.
  2. Restore the backup which is saved on your device.
  3. After this, check again if the error still persists.
  4. If the error is still present, alter your company file name such that it is no more than 120 characters long.
  5. Check the error again.

Solution 3:

If the company file is damaged, you need to use the QuickBooks Company File Diagnostic Tool to find and fix the respective errors. If it does not work, then alternatively, use the Intuit suggested data damage troubleshooting.

Solution 4:

If the backup file is problematic. When your file is located at the network drive or if the backup is hosted by the Online QuickBooks backup, then you have to save your file to another location. Please note that you can also use some other computer system locally to save the backup files.

  1. Make sure that the hosting of the system is not done.
  2. Go to the QuickBooks software and click on the file menu.
  3. After that, select Utilities.
  4. If the inclusion of Stop Hosting Multi-User option is present in the list, a user should go with the following steps.
  • Firstly, stop access to the Hosting Multi-user.
  • A window is displayed. Click Yes.
  • A next window appears. Then again select Yes with the company file closed.
  • Now restore the backup file present on the system.

Solution 5:

You need to configure the Trend Micro Active Scan settings. A user needs to set aside the folder which comprises of company files.

  1. Firstly, locate your company’s location.
  2. Press Ctrl on the keyboard and then double-click on the QuickBooks software followed by opening it without touching the company’s files.
  3. Ensure that the company’s file should be at the top. From the corresponding list of the files, you need to choose the appropriate company file.
  4. A file list will open that would show the location of the company file.
  5. After this, you have to open the scan settings of the Trend Micro active scan. Then carefully select the folder and add it to the exception.

If you still haven’t got rid of the error code, you can contact QuickBooks Enterprise Support or call at +1-805-257-5030.

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