How To Fix QuickBooks Error 15106?

QuickBooks Error 15106

One of the most trustworthy accounting software in recent times is QuickBooks which is equipped with exceptional and noteworthy features. In business, it has revolutionized our banking and has changed our previously used messy ways of doing finances. However, even the best software often faces many errors during its functioning. Often times, while using QuickBooks, you will come across QuickBooks error code 15106 on your screen and be tantalized by it.

However, you should not worry about it and with correct steps, this error can be corrected easily. QuickBooks Error 15106 is a common occurrence that occurs due to problems in the update program. It usually indicates that the update program has been damaged leading to this unexpected error.

QuickBooks Error 15106 could appear when you try to download an update for your Payroll subscription. It is a common error that prevents you from updating all versions of QuickBooks Desktop. This also includes the Enterprise version. You will see an error message displayed on your screen, which could say either of the following:

  • The Update program cannot be opened.
  • The Update Program is Damaged.

QuickBooks Error 15106

What are the Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 15106?

  •  You will see a large dialogue box that says QuickBooks Error 15106 has happened in the console.

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What Causes QuickBooks update error 15106?

  1. Spy Sweeper causing the error:
    The error 15106 might have happened due to Spy Sweeper creating the problem. The Anti-Virus treats the QuickBooks Update Program as a Malware which was downloading unwanted stuff to the computer.
  2. Not Logged in as the Administrator:
    The admin has the authoritative rights to do any changes to the computer system. The changes can be made for registries, programs, modifying user accounts, etc. If you are not logged in as an administrator then the error can come up.

Check which aforementioned issue has caused QuickBooks Error 15106 to occur:

If you want to detect which out of the above two reasons led to the error, then perform the below-provided steps to know about it.

1. Check if Spy Sweeper is ON

  • Firstly, Open Task Manager by clicking CTRL+ALT+Esc.
  • Click on ‘More details’
  • Now in the Processes tab, look for ‘SpySweeper.exe’

2. Check if you are signed in as the Admin

  • Open Control Panel and click on ‘User Accounts’
  • Now, Click on Users.

If you can see the word Administrator is visible under the account picture, then you are logged in as the admin.

Solutions to fix QuickBooks Error 15106

Solution 1 – Uninstall Spy Sweeper software.

If you see ‘SpySweeper.exe’ in the Task Manager, then perform the below steps.

  • Firstly, Open ‘add/remove programs’ option and search for Spy Sweeper
  • Next, click on the ‘Spy Sweeper’ option and press ‘Uninstall’
  • Complete the Uninstallation

Solution 2- Log-in as ‘Admin’

Logging in from a different account that has administrator rights and then running the program again from there can also solve the issue.

Solution 3- Reset Update

  • You are logged in as an administrator but cannot locate the Spy Sweeper software, then you need to reset the update. To do this follow the below-given path.

Open c: \program files\ common files\ intuit\ QuickBooksXX \components.

  • Once you reach the folder named ‘ downloadqb <nn> , then rename this folder to download <nn> .old.

Solution 4- Do a Clean Install

 If the above methods haven’t worked then you need to carry out a ‘Clean Install’ of QuickBooks which is a three-stage process. Firstly, Uninstall QuickBooks, then rename the installation folders and lastly again Re-Install QuickBooks. This should suffice the issue.

To Sum Up:

If the above process still doesn’t help to resolve QuickBooks update error 15106, then contact the QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number 1-805-257-5030 to help you out with the problem and solve it immediately. They have a dedicated team of professionals who can handle all your issues and will be able to restore your software to its old working conditions.

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