How to Fix QuickBooks Com Error Crash?

QuickBooks Com Error is a common error that comes across when the user is attempting to email invoices or save the data of the company file. During this error, you may lose your unsaved information in QuickBook’s open windows. QuickBooks com error may also damage your system when you are trying to find another option to save the data.

Causes of QuickBooks Com Error

  • Incorrect/Incomplete QuickBooks software installation.
  • The Malware/ virus infection is affecting the Windows framework/ QuickBooks related program records and details.
  • A program mistakenly erased/ deleted QuickBooks related documents.

How to Fix QuickBooks Com Error Crash?

Please try out the solutions in the order listed. If the error still occurs, move on-to the next suggested solution. There several solutions to fix this error, however, we are listing the most recommended ones. We will discuss all these solutions one by one.

Note: If the first solution itself solves the problem, then you can skip the other answers. Move as per requirement.

Solution 1: Ensure that Outlook is updated.

  • Launch Outlook.
  • Select File > Office Account.
  • Now, you need to select Update Options.
  • After that, choose Update Now.
  • Verify that the com error is persisting or not.

Solution 2- Make ‘Outlook’ the default mail app.

To carry out this solution follow the below-listed steps. Navigate to Control Panel

  • Go to Default Programs.
  • Now set the ‘Default Program ’.
  • Choose MS Outlook from the list and select ‘MS Outlook’ as the default program.
  • Select ‘OK’.

Solution 3- Add ‘Email Account’ to MS Outlook.

In this solution, you need to add an email account to Microsoft Outlook. This can be done in a few easy steps.

  • Go to MS Outlook, and select ‘File Menu ’.
  • Now ‘Add Account’ to initiate the setup.
  • Fill in the ‘Email address’ you need to add, and press ‘Connect.
  • Now, wait for some time till ‘Outlook’ correctly detects the server settings. Once that is done, select ‘Connect.’.
  • Fill in the password that is used for the email address & press ‘ok’.
  • Now select ‘OK’ and complete setup.

Note: If the QB could not detect Outlook then to check it go to Edit>> Preferences>> Send Form. The above path will show you the preferences tab, and you can select Outlook from here.

Solution 4- Switch/Toggle Mail Settings

In this solution, you can switch/toggle mail settings to amend the error. Try out the below steps to correct this

  • First Go to ‘Control Panel,’ and navigate to ‘Mail
  • Now select ‘Microsoft Outlook’
  • Go to the ‘Mail Set up’ window, and choose ‘Show Profile ’

Note: If you have Outlook set as your default program, then you can skip steps 2 and three given above. 

  • Now select the prompt for the profile to be used and choose ‘Apply
  • Now use this ‘Profile’ to switch/toggle the selection, and press ‘Apply’
  • Select OK

Solution 5- Make a ‘new’ Outlook mail profile.

This solution will educate us to make an ‘Outlook’ mail profile with some easy steps.

Note: Kindly note that if you make a new Outlook email profile, this will not remove the Existing Outlook’ profile.

  • Shut the Microsoft Outlook.
  • Navigate to Control Panel and move to option ‘Mail’.
  • Select ‘Show Profile.
  • Click ‘Add’.
  • Fill in the profile name in the ‘Profile name section,’ and Click OK.
  • Now add an email account by following Onscreen instructions.
  • Now choose ‘Use this profile’ from the drop-down >> choose ‘New created profile’ option.
  • Press on ‘Apply,’ and select OK.

Solution 6- ‘RUN’ QuickBooks in the Compatibility mode.

In this solution, you will need to ‘RUN’ QuickBooks in a compatibility mode. Perform the below steps for the same.

  1. Click QuickBooks on the desktop.
  2. Now choose ‘QuickBooks’ in compatibility mode.
  3. In the compatibility mode section, checkmark ‘Compatibility’ option.
  4. Now ‘RUN’ program in the compatibility mode.
  5. Go to the drop-down window, and choose ‘Windows 7.’
  6. Now from the Privilege level section, you need to select ‘RUN this program’ as an admin.
  7. Now press Apply, and select ‘OK.’

Solution 7: Add Windows Admin User.

  1. Make Windows with Administrator credentials.
  2. Log on to Windows with the new user.
  3. Open QuickBooks again.


Hopefully, the above solutions were sufficient in solving QuickBooks ‘Com error’ for your system. Though if the issue/ problem is persistent, then a technical expert can guide you with some other solutions. Talk to a technical expert at QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number +1-805-257-5030 to amend the ‘QuickBooks Com Error’ immediately.

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