What’s new in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Edition 2018?

New features in QuickBooks Enterprise 2018

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Edition 2018 contain several new features as well as improvements to the existing ones. There are small enhancements which will make your work a lot easier and faster.This article will give you an insight into the new features and enhancements in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2018.

What are the new features in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2018?

Mentioned below are the new features which a user can implement in his software for effective working and reporting.

1. Multiple monitor support up to 3 screens

The new updated QuickBooks allows users to use up to three monitors. Previously, it was a bit complicated, but now Intuit has extended your workspace into the other monitor screens as well. This has a drawback too as the effectiveness of the set up gets limited.

2. The Search bar in charts of accounts

Earlier you need to go through your whole chart of accounts to locate a single item. But now Intuit solved this problem by placing a search bar. Companies who have more accounts can now easily locate any item they want to focus on. 

3. Accrual/cash toggle on the reports

It is a nice enhancement where a user can switch the basis of financial reports. Some reports let you toggle between cash and accrual basis of reporting easily. This shows you the difference between the two businesses that report on one but file their taxes in others. Both views can easily be managed.

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4. Introduction of past due stamp

A user can now add “Past Due” stamp in their invoices, which will ultimately give customers a nudge towards making their payments. This is a flexible feature which will boost timely payments.

To add past due stamp in your invoices, follow the steps listed below.

  • Firstly, create a new invoice.
  • Click on formatting > then select templates.
  • Select the lower-left template drop-down menu and then click on Edit Templates.
  • Lastly, click on print past due stamp.

5. New keyboard shortcuts

Some new keyboard shortcuts have been introduced to copy and paste lines in transactions.

6. Enhancements in Inventory Reports

In the new QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2018, a user gets three customizable inventory reports which are Valuation, Stock Status and Assemble Shortage. Previously, the reports lacked customization which has been provided in the 2018 edition. Now a user can add columns and rows or change filters as per the needs and preferences. Importance towards inventory management and processing has been given through this new feature.

7. QuickBooks payroll also has a new feature called Payroll reminder Badge

It will highlight when you will have an upcoming deadline for payroll liabilities. This will ultimately ensure timely payment of employees’ salaries.

8. QuickBooks payments will also add the option of providing Level 3 data to your customers who make use of commercial credit cards.

This will basically shorten the time span it takes certain kinds of customers to release funds to you.

If you get stuck and are unable to use the new features, you can call on QuickBooks Enterprise Technical Support Number 1-805-257-5030 for immediate assistance.

Why you should choose QuickBooks Enterprise 2018?

The advanced inventory feature, help a user to make better business and managerial decisions. With QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, a user can work from anywhere, anytime and at any device. The customizable reports give you an insight into the functioning of your company. The software is specifically designed for various industries wherein a user gets the chart of accounts and reports as per the industry.

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