How to Open QBW File Without QuickBooks

open QBW File Without QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a worldwide known accounting software developed by Inuit Inc. Basically, QBW files are mainly utilized to hold the company financial data – with letters, templates, logos, and images.

Generally, QBW files are open with QuickBooks application only, but at times you want to open QBW file without QuickBooks.

Steps to Open QBW File Without QuickBooks

Below are the steps discussed with you to guide you in opening QBW files without QuickBooks:

  • Firstly, go on the Start button which is located on the left-bottom of your screen. After clicking on that, go for All Programs and click on it. You will get a list of programs opened in front of you, then you have to move down to Intuit. Press Intuit to launch it. Then, you have to launch the QuickBooks application.
  • Secondly, make sure that you have to choose the QB company file you want to export from your QuickBooks. From your mouse, right-click on the company file that you want to run. A list will appear in front of you, so from that list, you have to choose Open. Enter the user password, if asked. After the password entry, you can choose any label, like, select Customers, Vendors or Employees present at the top of the QB window. After this, you have to select the Customer Centre.
  • Thirdly, the QBW file is now to be imported into excel. If you have to do this, then choose the Excel option which is located on the top of QuickBooks software. After you have imported the QBW file, you have to click on Export Excel. You have to give the file name and choose the file destination to save the file. Now, make sure you click on the Export button.
  • The excel file exported in the previous step by you, get to be opened. If any chance, your Excel file version is old, then you have to again select Excel file. After this, you have to import the file. To perform this activity, you shall require Excel 2010 or above. It would be termed as best if you have the latest version of MS Excel to open QBW file without QuickBooks.
  • After you have performed the above steps, i.e., you have imported the file, now you have to go for the tab Data. After selecting the Tab Data, then you can go for the tab Other Resources.
  • For opening QBW files without QuickBooks, search for the QBW file which is generally displayed in the window. By any chance, if find cannot find the QBW file you are looking for, then you have to search for the file.
  • Lastly, you will be able to easily open QBW file without QuickBooks. As you have searched the file, then you have to run the new QBW files.


QuickBooks QBW Files Support

To conclude this blog, you can contact our QuickBooks support team at our toll-free number 1-805-257-5030, which is always available for you. They will guide in how to open QBW file without QuickBooks.