How to fix QuickBooks Enterprise Error C=1304

QuickBooks Error 1304

Intuit has developed this software which is best suited for doing finance related works knows as QuickBooks. However, QuickBooks is not free of error. Few errors are there which occur on a regular basis. One such error is QuickBooks Error C=1304. This error occurs when you are trying to install QuickBooks or doing any up-gradation of the software.

The error message comes on screen with the damaged file name. Before applying methods to solve this error you should always have a thorough knowledge of the reason behind this error so that next time you won’t face any difficulty in solving the error. In this article, a detailed description of the error and the methods to solve the error is also given.

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The Reason Behind The QuickBook Error C=1304

There are three main reasons behind this Error.

  • The most obvious reason can be if there is any problem with the CD drive itself
  • Another reason can be if the CD is corrupted or destroyed so that the CD cannot play properly
  • The Third reason can be if the operating system is itself corrupted

Effects caused by the Error

  • Windows shuts down
  • QuickBooks stops working, as a result, the business works stops
  • The device becomes slow and inefficient
  • The console doesn’t accept input data

Methods by which you can solve the error and recover the business data

  1. Copy the whole installation software and all the files and folders to the device’s hard drive so that no data will be lost.
  • Embed the CD into the CD drive. Stop the installation if it starts by itself or it is on auto-installation.
  • The next step is to explore the windows from the start button.
  • Before duplicating the contents– make another folder in a reasonable area. This might be in the work area. The folder name should be QuickBooks. This is simply to evacuate any kind of perplexity that may win if some other name is utilized.
  • Now explore the CD.
  • Now find the setup.exe document of QuickBooks.
  • Select both the file as well as the folder.
  • Copy the selected folders and files.
  • Go back to the new folder you created with the name of QuickBooks.
  • Paste the copied files to this new folder.

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  1. Install the QuickBooks Software which you have copied in the new folder to the hard disk
  • Open the new folder which has the QuickBooks Application.
  • Setup the initiation process for the installation.
  • Next, follow the steps which will appear on the screen.

Another method which can be used to remove the error:

With the help of the Reimage repair tool.

  • The reimage repair tool is easily downloaded. This software scans the device for the cause which is behind the Error C=1304. After detecting the reason solves it so that the error no longer persists

By following these easy steps you can remove the error and continue working with your accounts and data for the proper running of your business. If you still have any doubt or the error still is prevalent then always contact the QuickBooks Enterprise Support team number +1-805-257-5030. There are authorized professionals available to guide you at every step.