How to fix errors caused by QuickBooks Accountant’s Changes (.QBY) while Importing?

QuickBooks Accountant’s Changes

QuickBooks Desktop (Pro and Premier Version) is one of the most widely acclaimed software that helps small and medium-sized businesses to effectively pay bills, accept business payments and manage the payroll system, while QuickBooks Enterprise Software with many advanced features is ideal for large organizations. It offers several web-based features and an efficient way of managing accounts. However, there are many errors that arise in the process, that the users should be aware of. Our QuickBooks Enterprise Support will help you through them. QuickBooks accountant’s changes file allows the accountant to work on the data and send only the changes back to his or her clients. (.QBY) is the extension of the file in which the changes made by the accountant are contained so the clients can import the changes. The QuickBooks accountant copy restrictions should remain intact in the QuickBooks master company file.

What leads to errors while Importing QuickBooks Accountant’s Changes?

There can be multiple unexpected results based on the errors that occur while importing the accountant’s changes. The causes of these errors may be listed as follows:

  • If company files are defective or corrupted, then this error may occur.
  • If the QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy limitation or restriction has been removed from the system, then also you might encounter this error.
  • This error may also occur if the user brings in the progressions to a different organization’s documents by mistake.
  • When the document containing the remaining Accountant’s changes have been wrongly moved to a different version of QuickBooks Desktop, the user might face this kind of error.

How to resolve errors related to QuickBooks Accountant’s Changes?

To resolve the error and unexpected results, the following solutions can be implemented:

Solution 1

Delete all temporary internet files from the Internet Explorer using the following steps:

  • Open internet explorer.
  • In the tools menu, select the internet option.
  • Then click on delete in the general tab.

Solution 2

Erase all special characters from the Chart of Accounts using the following steps:

  • Select Chart of Accounts in the Lists menu
  • Select Edit account and make the recommended changes
  • Save and close.

Solution 3

Re-convert the accountant’s copy and manually re-enter the changes, using the following steps:

  • Open original.QBX file.
  • Select open or restore a company in the File Menu.
  • After this, select Convert an Accountant’s Copy Transfer File and open .QBX file.
  • Save the file in a different location from the original.QBX File.
  • Now, re-enter the changes in the QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy working file and export the Accountant’s Changes again.

Take the points provided below in consideration to resolve the error

  • The file that you are opening should contain the pending Accountant’s Changes. Do not mistakenly open the wrong company file.
  • Make sure that the company file containing the Accountant’s changes is not upgraded to a different version of QuickBooks. Import the file before you upgrade the company file to another version.
  • Alternatively, you can opt to save the files locally on your computer by copying the file on a local driver or importing the Accountant’s Changes on the server.
  • You can also use a thumb drive, an email attachment or a CD to send the Accountant’s Changes.
  • If you want, choose to execute the basic data damage troubleshooting method as well.
  • You may use the QuickBooks Accountant Copy in a text file. If the importing of the test file is successful, then you can enter the changes manually. If not, then QuickBooks application should be reinstalled.

Performing the aforementioned steps will do the trick!

We hope that this article has helped you in clearing any queries that you might have regarding how to remove the accountant’s copy restrictions in QuickBooks. In case the error is not solved by the given solutions, you may contact QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number +11-805-257-5030 (Toll-Free).

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