Using the Customer Account Management Portal

Uing the Customer Account Management Portal QuickBooks

QuickBooks Enterprise is a widely used accounting and management software which is used by large firms. It provides them the ease to work with a huge amount of data relating to their inventory, bank transactions, employees and more. Customer Account Management Portal Site or CAMPS is a software provided by QuickBooks that lets users manage all the QuickBooks related desktop products and also perform varied functions ranging from management of account data to subscription management.

Functions of Customer Account Management Portal

  1. Management and updates regarding account information
  2. Management of contacts listed in QuickBooks.
  3. Subscription details and tracking activity.
  4. Keeps a check on payment methods and their updates.

Pros of using Customer Account Management Portal

  1. The convenience of managing all QuickBooks tools in one go.
  2. Time-saving process in terms of data management and customer-handling.
  3. You can also access it from any place at any time.

All about Customer Account Management Portal

Manage your Products and Services:

Firstly, the section of Products and Services on the page enlists all the products and services bought from Intuit, online or offline, or from any device of the same account. Once signed in, you can access any service from anywhere.

Access your Account details:

You can view the recent transactions on the page of Customer Account Management Portal. You can access the full history through the option of ‘Show All’. Also, other details like license information, product information, expiry dates, software updates can be found in the ‘Details’ tab next to the list of the particular object.

Review your Subscriptions related to QuickBooks:

On the Products and Services column of the Site, you would see the option of ‘Details’ next to every item. Select the products or services you want to cancel, by choosing the cancel option “on the next billing date”. It will ask you for a reason and confirmation. After providing the details, you can go ahead and cancel any subscription. Renewal of subscriptions happens automated through the Customer Account Management Portal.

Changes in Payment options or updates in Payment:

You can edit the billing information of a particular product in the Product details section. If there is an update specifically regarding the payment method or billing invoice, you can also use the Customer Account Management Portal for help.

Buy Products and Services related to QuickBooks:

Other than accessing any product from anywhere, you can also use Customer Account Management Portal for adding new products and services to QuickBooks as well.

Edit your Account settings and details:

Additionally, you can change your personal details like Account number, phone number, security settings or password through Customer Account Portal Management. You can also change the billing and mailing addresses feed in the QuickBooks through this portal as well.

Manage Payroll Service:

You can also overview the Payroll settings, service key, and EIN information through the Customer Account Management Portal.

Manage transaction Details:

It’s a highly beneficial feature that also lets you view and print your bills from the transaction history.

Invite other Users or Authorize someone else:

This portal lets you invite any user to a shared portal. You can easily do so by entering their details correctly. If you want some other user to be the authorized person of QuickBooks, you can do this through the Customer Account Management Portal.

Customer Account Portal Management Site is a helpful tool provided by QuickBooks that let you manage many actions related to your account at one go. It simplifies your experience of using QuickBooks and its related tools. Still, have any query feel free to contact at QuickBooks enterprise support number +1-805-257-5030.

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