How to Configure Firewall Ports while setting up Multi-Users in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks firewell Configure setting multi-users in

QuickBooks is accounting software which provides software solutions to users for the last 2 decades. QuickBooks has provided customers with all latest facilities so that they are continuously in contact with a company and also with other companies. Companies and employees have real-time data of accounts of their customers and other companies by using QuickBooks Services. Though sometimes, while setting up multi users in QuickBooks, the user may receive an error and unable to use QuickBooks. In this article, we will study how to configure Firewall ports while setting up Multi-Users in QuickBooks.

How is the error caused?

QuickBooks communicate with a company file using the database file manager in a multiuser setup. This file manager uses the internet to communicate with the file. Intuit does not support old versions of firewall and antivirus software. Therefore, if your antivirus or firewall is not updated, it will block QuickBooks Desktop to use internet services and the database file manager will not be able to communicate with the files. Hence, to use multi-user QuickBooks setup, the user has to configure the Firewall in the desktop.

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How to configure Firewall while setting up Multi Users in QuickBooks?

  • Turn On hosting:

For sharing files to all the users, the hosting of the host computer is turned on or the computer in which the file is currently stored. To do so:

  1. Click on the File
  2. Select Utilities.
  3. Click on Host Multi-User Access.
  4. Click Yes on the appearing window. You will be able to use the company files on other QuickBooks Desktop as well.
  • Install QuickBooks File Doctor:

    QuickBooks File Doctor opens the QuickBooks firewall ports automatically. It can be used to configure the Windows To do so:

  1. Download the QuickBooks File Doctor. You can easily find it on the internet.
  2. Save the file to the local desktop.
  3. Close any open programs and then run the QuickBooks File Doctor. It may take some time depending on your computer performance.
  4. Once done, Restart your computer.
  • Include Firewall port exception for QuickBooks:

  1. Open QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  2. Click on the Port Monitor tab, find QuickBooks Desktop.
  3. Copy the port number.
  4. Open Control Panel.
  5. Select System and Security.
  6. Select Windows Firewall.
  7. Click on Advanced
  8. Right click on Inbound Rules and select New
  9. Select Port and Click on Next.
  10. Make sure TCP is selected Enter the port number in specific local ports.
  11. Select Allow the connection and then click on Next.
  12. Select Finish. Repeat the same steps for Outbound Rules (In step 8, select Outbound Rules). Open QuickBooks Desktop in multi-user
  • Exclude QuickBooks in Firewall:

  1. Open Windows Firewall.
  2. Select Advanced
  3. Right click on Inbound Rules and click on New Rules.
  4. Select Program and select Program path.
  5. Choose Browse path and locate QuickBooks.
  6. Select Allow the connection.
  7. Click on Finish.
  8. Repeat the above steps for Outbound rules (in step 3, choose Outbound rules).
  • Configure Antivirus and Windows Firewall:

Add an exclusion in Windows Defender or installed Antivirus program. To do so:

  1. Open Windows Defender Security Centre.
  2. Open Virus and Threat Protection Settings.
  3. Click on Add an Exclusion. Select Folder.
  4. Add Intuit Folder in C drive as exclusion.
  5. Select OK.

The above steps will be able to help in setting up QuickBooks Desktop in multi-user mode. If at any point, the error persists or you are unable to perform the steps for QuickBooks Configure Firewall Ports while setting up Multi-Users , it is advisable to contact QuickBooks Enterprise Technical Support. You can also contact them at 11-805-257-5030.

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