Having trouble condensing your company files in QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks Condence Data

Is your file loading too slow? Are your QuickBooks’ files too large and taking up a lot of storage space? Did you know that the QuickBooks Condense Data Service will reduce the QuickBooks file size from 40% up to 70%? It will also speed up the performance of the file.

For instance, the purchase orders, sales orders, and invoices have been reviewed. QuickBooks will start using the term “Clean up your data” in lieu of “condensing your file data”. Certain versions will be calling it a “clean up” while the others are calling it “condensed”. It is just that when data is being condensed, one is actually cleaning up the files. This makes the files more stable.

Removal of the unused elements makes the QuickBooks condense data utility work with the company’s data files. Closed transactions are also summarized into journal entries.

Things to be considered while Condensing QuickBooks Desktop Company File:

  • The work done cannot be undone once the company files are condensed. Hence, the procedure is irreversible.
  • File damage property may not be changed through the help of the condensing utility.
  • Before condensing, the transactions must be thoroughly checked through the list to find which ones will not get condensed.
  • Even after condensing, certain transactions will not be removed.
  • Larger the company file, long does it take to perform.
  • The option to condense unclear bank and credit card transactions is always open.
  • During this process, certain entries are not condensed. For instance – having an open balance transaction link to other transactions with an open balance.

Condensing QuickBooks Desktop Company File actually consists of the following two things:

  1. Deleting those transactions that are no longer needed in the current records
  2. Adding transactions that have been entered on a monthly basis that summarize the deleted transactions.

Although this task is not required to be done at the end of the year, however, there are some good benefits of performing the task. For example, list entries that are no longer in use can be deleted once the details are deleted.

While condensing a file:

  1. QuickBooks 2019 –
    • The overall file size is reduced
    • All data and details are safe and do not get deleted
  2. QuickBooks 2018 and other versions –
    • Some transactions are archived
    • Some transactions are turned into Journal Entries

The after-effects of condensing QuickBooks Desktop Company File:

  • Targets are generated as well by journal entries
  • After condensing a file, the reports may not match
  • An archived copy of the company file is automatically created by QuickBooks. It is located in the original folder where the file is saved in. It is in the form of “[Your Company File Name] Copy MM/DD/YY”
  • The original company file can easily be restored from either the backup or archive copy
  • Make sure that either file is stored at a safe place
  • In case there are performing issues, the Condense Data Utility should be the last option to improve the performance or else contact QuickBooks Enterprise Support.

In case of any queries or problems faced during condensing QuickBooks Desktop Company File, feel free to contact QuickBooks Enterprise Support team Number +1-805-257-5030.

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