How to Add another EIN to your existing Payroll Subscription for QuickBooks Desktop

How to add another EIN to eisting payroll

The following article will remove any blockages from your path of adding another EIN to your existing payroll subscription. However, first, the article will shed some light on the pre-requisites, and then the methodology to add another EIN to your existing payroll subscription for your QuickBooks desktop.

Pre-requisites and restrictions of adding another EIN to your existing QuickBooks Desktop Payroll:

  • You must have a registered copy of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • You must use the same registered copy of QuickBooks with the same machine that you are using to register your copy of QuickBooks. Make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  • Do not try doing multiple payroll subscriptions in one go because this might cause your system to shut-down or slow-down unexpectedly.
  • The contact information should remain the same for all subscriptions.
  • There is a limit to which you can add EINs and companies to a single-subscriptions.
  • Do not share your key with your clients as doing so will expose your data.
  • The maximum number of EINs that you can add in accordance with the level of QB Desktop Payroll Versions:
  1.  Basic Payroll – 3
  2.  Standard Payroll – 3
  3.  Enhanced Payroll – 3
  4. QuickBooks Desktop enhanced Payroll for Accountants – 50
  5. QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted – each EIN is charged distinctly.

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Note: The Following article will not be helpful if –

  • You have purchased the QuickBooks Payroll function erstwhile creating a company file.
  • A company (that already has a serial key attached to it) file that needs to be added to your subscription.
  • In case you are using QuickBooks 2018 or late versions then contact QuickBooks Enterprise Support number for better assistance as these steps might vary and in turn, make you perplexed.

Getting started:

  • Go to QuickBooks Desktop > from the top panel select employee > select the option use my existing payroll subscription
  • In case of the option – use my existing payroll, a subscription is unavailable then contact QuickBooks Enterprise Support immediately for further assistance.
  • In the subscription option in your screen, choose the option as desired that is subscription number or zip code option.
  • Click next; add company option appears > again click next to enter the EIN.
  • Click on print or return to QuickBooks Desktop.
  • A validating key window will open and services are activated.

For subscription directly purchased from Intuit erstwhile to making QuickBooks Desktop file –

  • Go to QuickBooks Desktop > top panel > select payee > enter payroll service key.
  • Add the service key > add the service key to the company file > click on next > finish.
  • Now new payroll functions will be downloaded on your QuickBooks Desktop automatically.

 Though it is not an easy job to get the addition of another EIN to your existing payroll subscription, it is not too hard to. As if follow the steps accordingly and call QuickBooks Enterprise support phone number 1-805-257-5030 directly if something goes wrong and the outcome is not as you expected it to be; by contacting QB help desk team you can cultivate a better business and save a lot of time as well.

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