QuickBooks won’t Open: A Helpful Illustrated Guide to Resolve

QuickBooks won't open company file

QuickBooks is a popular and efficient software, however getting stuck with ‘QuickBooks Won’t Open or QuickBooks won’t open company file’ can be very annoying. A lot of users come up with this issue with QuickBooks is not opening, QuickBooks has stopped working or won’t open hampering their Work. Though complex, this issue can be solved with simple steps.

What happens when QuickBooks Won’t open?

You clicked on a Company file Icon or QuickBooks Desktop option, but the program doesn’t start or just partially starts or responds.

Note: You have clicked on QuickBooks Icon several times, and this might lead to QuickBooks not responding (double-clicking repeatedly also causes this). It is good to wait for some time and then relaunch QuickBooks. Hinder from clicking multiple times to have multiple requests.

Reasons for QuickBooks not responding

  • A corrupted Hard Disk
  • Company Name is too long
  • An outdated Operating System
  • QuickBooks Desktop not properly installed
  • Damaged QBWUSER.INI file.

What are the symptoms of QuickBooks Won’t Open Company File or QuickBooks is not responding?

  • A non-responding QuickBooks Desktop
  • System hangs quite often
  • Improper Installation
  • The slow response by the computer while using the keyboard and mouse click.
  • Could not open the QuickBooks Company file.

Note: If your QuickBooks is working, even if it is slow, then avoid clicking several times. This can confuse QuickBooks and further slows down the process.

Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Desktop Won’t Open:

Solution 1 – Close ‘QBW32.exe process.’

  • Right Click Windows Taskbar & choose ‘start Task ’
  • Then, press ‘Processes Tab’ & click ‘Image Name’ header to sort all the processes alphabetically.
  • Now find and select ‘QBW32.EXE’ and press ‘End ’

Try out the next solution, if this solution hasn’t solved the problem as yet.

Solution 2- Suppress QuickBooks App

QuickBooks won't open

Solution 3- Re-start your QuickBooks Desktop

Once you have restarted your Desktop, you have a system again new. Now you can attempt to open your QuickBooks after restarting the Desktop.

Solution 4: Re-register QB related components in the Windows

Firstly check if QuickBooks Desktop is registered.

  • Now if QuickBooks is Open, then Press F2 on the keyboard. You can see the product info opened up
  • Next, check QuickBooks Registration Status on the right of the license number.
  • If you are already registered, then this will display registered.

If you see QuickBooks is not registered

  • Click OK on the screen to shut down the Product Info Window
  • Click Help Option & Select ‘Activate QuickBooks’
  • Now follow the on-screen instructions to verify your info & complete the activation process.

Note: You will need to run Reboot.bat file for re-registering QuickBooks Desktop related file like as.DLL &.OCX in the Microsoft Operating System.

Solution 5- Repair QuickBooks Installation

Run the QuickBooks Installation ‘Repair’.

Solution 6: QuickBooks Perform Clean Installation of QuickBooks

It is a three-fold process. Firstly, you will need to Un-install, Rename Installation folders, and Re-Install QuickBooks. The entire process is called QuickBooks Clean Installation.

Have Questions? Need Help?

The above provided were solutions to rectify the issue, ‘QuickBooks is not responding, or QuickBooks 2016, 2017, 2018 or 2019 Won’open.’ If you are unable to amend the issue, then you can speak to a technical expert at QuickBooks Enterprise Support phone number 1-805-257-5030 (toll-free).

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