Which is best for you – QuickBooks Pro Vs Premier?

QuickBooks Pro vs Premier

Both QuickBooks Pro and Premier have their respective pros and cons and are suitable as per business needs. This article will help you to decide which of them is better for your organization by giving you an in-depth comparison of both the products.

Quickbooks premier vs pro

What are the perks of QuickBooks Pro?

QuickBooks Pro is a starter edition of the software. If you have a small-scale business or are just starting out new, then it helps you to simplify and streamline the accounting, tracking and reporting for your business. It is suited to organizations whose sales are below 1,00,000$ and have less than 20 employees.

Listed below are its features, helping you closely analyze QuickBooks Pro.

  1. Includes only up to 3 users who can share their workspace.
  2. Helps users to manage their account receivables and payables.
  3. Will create invoices and estimates for your business.
  4. Helps to create purchase orders.
  5. Manage sales tax and inventory.
  6. Comprises of 100 reports.

For more detail, you can contact QuickBooks Pro Support Number +1-805-257-5030.

What is the specialty of QuickBooks Premier?

QuickBooks Premier is a level up from QuickBooks Pro because of some additional features. The Premier version is generally best for companies who generate less than 1 million-dollar sales per year. They also have up to 20 employees. Unlike Pro, QuickBooks Premier helps you to choose from 6 different industry types which are:

  • Non-profit organization
  • Wholesaler
  • Manufacturing organization
  • Contractor
  • Retailer
  • General Business

For each industry, QuickBooks Premier has specifically customized charts of accounts, a customized list of products and services, and custom reports for each specific industry. Hence, if you operate in one of these industries, you should give preference to QuickBooks Premier as compared to QuickBooks Pro. For any query related to QuickBooks Premier contact our QuickBooks Premier Support team.

Apart from the Pro features, some of the additional features of Premier are listed underneath.

  1. It helps users to track Multiple Units of Measure.
  2. Efficiently create sales orders and price levels for your organization.
  3. A user can view and print past Bank Reconciliation Reports.
  4. Helps you to report templates and import them into another QuickBooks Company files.
  5. Helps in managerial planning and forecasting.
  6. Includes over 150 reports which are related to specific industries.
  7. Helps to run a Balance Sheet Report by location or department.
  8. Allows up to 5 users who can share their workspace.

Which is a better choice QuickBooks Pro or Premier?

Both the products have their respective features. You should be well aware of your businesses requirements to take an efficient decision. An overview of both QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier is given below to help you take your decision easily.

1.Cost of both the products

Cost is a considerable factor while deciding on the choice of software. The starting price of QuickBooks Pro is 299.95 Dollars. Whereas of QuickBooks Premier is 499.95 Dollars. If you have limited financial resources, you could install QuickBooks Pro.

2. Multiple users allowed

In QuickBooks Pro, only 3 users are allowed who can share their workspace whereas Premier can be expanded up to 5 users. Hence if you want to give access to more employees, Premier is a good choice.

3. Capacity

Both QuickBooks Pro and Premier can hold up to a combined total of 14500 employees, customers, and vendors. For areas like Charts of Accounts and fixed assets, they could hold up to 10,000 items. But Premier has more features as compared to Pro, hence if you want additional features, Premier is a good option.

4. Industry-specific needs

QuickBooks Pro is not fit for the manufacturing business because it does not let you create a bill of materials and sales order. Whereas, no such difficulty is faced in Premier. But the users who are apart from the manufacturing industry and does not require additional features should opt for QuickBooks Pro as it is a cost-efficient product.

Upon closely studying the respective features and drawbacks of QuickBooks Pro vs Premier, one should select the suitable edition. Your decision will affect your business and long-term growth prospects, hence selection should be made accordingly. If you face any further problems, you can contact QuickBooks Support phone number  1-805-257-5030 (toll-free) for immediate assistance.