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QuickBooks Online Versions

QuickBooks certainly an outstanding product, developed by Intuit Inc. Being a classic software, it has been widely recognized. Basically, QuickBooks Online holds the most important role in this race. Generally, QuickBooks Online list consists of Simple Start, Essentials, Plus & Advanced versions. As your business requirements, you can easily do QuickBooks Online Versions compare among yourself.

These products offer high-end services; therefore, their charges also lie in the range of $20 to $150 per month.

The best QuickBooks version will depend solely on your business requirements.

Compare QuickBooks Online Versions

Quickbooks Online Versions Comparision

1. Operations Performed by QuickBooks Online Simple Start

This version holds the number one spot for solo business owners who deal with their bills online and only are into the selling services market.

It has only access to a single user and one accountant, and not more than that. You can make the trajectory of your income and expenses, pay employees & other such things.


The monthly fees which you have to pay for QuickBooks Online Simple Start are $20.


Certainly, this offers you to generate an invoice for your clients, link your card accounts to your financial institutions, and print basic financial statements.

2. Operations Performed by QuickBooks Online Essentials

This version is relevant for small businesses who are much into the money business. Those businesses which have to track their daily routine and manage accounts receivable & accounts payable.


The monthly fees which you have to pay for Online Essentials is $40.


Get all of your daily accounting routines sorted by using QuickBooks Online Essential version. You can easily manage your every account receivable & account payable through this facility.

3. Operations Performed by QuickBooks Online Plus

This version is developed for a business that solely into products and services. You are open to making arrangements for inventory costs and quantities, generate purchase orders, and issue 1099s to contractors.


You have to shell out $70 per month to utilize this great QuickBooks version.


This version can fetch your reports like budget versus actual reports and more than 100 reports that you can run in under a few minutes. A better way to balance the number of actuals to projected income and expenses.

Operations Performed by QuickBooks Online Advanced

As your business is complex in nature, which requires consistent monitoring from every panel. You require specialized accounting software for your business, then. When your business requirements jump beyond the working of QuickBooks Online Plus, then you shall require QuickBooks Online Advanced.


In the series of QuickBooks, this holds the most expensive QuickBooks Online. You have to loosen up your pocket by $150 per month. Being costly, it offers robust features which other versions are incapable of.


Let us discuss the working of QuickBooks Online Advanced with an example. For example, your workforce is between 10 and 100 personnel. Now, you have decided to provide access to your most trustworthy users. So, by this, you can choose more than five users on which you have trust.

You can direct your route to fetch advanced performance reporting.

The best feature it provides that the training database it holds for its users. The developers have packed this version with free self-learning training for your business personnel. This can include your entire staff to your dedicated success manager. This software certainly has the potential to answer every question of yours and offer you the best services that you and your business can prosper in the right direction.


Compare QuickBooks Online Versions on Disadvantage Basis

There is one more parameter to compare QuickBooks Online Versions, and i.e., on the parameter of disadvantages.

Disadvantages of QuickBooks Online Simple Start

Below discussed are the shortfalls of the said version:

  1. You cannot Manage and pay bills from your business vendors
  2. Unable to provide access to your data to anyone
  3. This feature disallows you to generate purchase orders for your clients
  4. Inventory management is not there
  5. Unable to fetch billable hours in your business
  6. Budgets formation is not there
  7. Track profitability for multiple locations

Disadvantages of QuickBooks Online Essentials

  1. This disallows inventory management at every juncture
  2. You cannot draft and build 1099s forms for your business
  3. Unable to fetch billable hours in your business
  4. Create and manage budgets
  5. Track profitability for multiple locations

Disadvantages of QuickBooks Online Plus

QuickBooks Online Plus is full of the comfort that most product and service-based owners certainly have in their mind with the aim to manage their books. However, everyone has shortcomings, do does QBO Plus. The prospect of this version falls at the number of users.

In the version, the access is only with five users and two accountants. If your requirement asks you to go beyond five users, then it would be better if you go on to the path of QBO Advanced. The best remedy is that with the assistance of QuickBooks Online Plus Advanced, your capability increases to 25 users.

Disadvantages of QuickBooks Advanced

This version misses the functionality that a manufacturing business might need, such as the ability to create a bill of materials.

If you are a manufacturing business, QuickBooks Premier Manufacturing is going to be your best bet.

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