Finding solutions to QuickBooks Error Code 6073

QuickBooks Error 6073

QuickBooks comes out to be the best accounting software when it comes to handling business and financial activities. It comes up with numerous features and functionalities that make it popular across the globe. Now, if you are considering QuickBooks is free of bugs and error codes. Because QuickBooks also shows technical glitches like other accounting software. At this point, our main concern is to disclose one such error code (QuickBooks Error 6073) that may occur when you failed to launch the company file.

What if you are also going through the same error code frequently? The following post can be fruitful for you as it contains all the relevant and efficient solutions to overcome the same issue.

What is QuickBooks Error 6073?

QuickBooks error code 6073 occurs when QuickBooks fails to launch the company file because another QuickBooks user may be working on it. Also, you may come across the same error code while trying to switch to multi-user mode to use both of the company files. If the file has been saved in a read-only network folder, this may also give rise to an issue. To know the related causes of the same error, go through the whole post carefully. Further, you can also find out the efficient solutions to fix it.

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Probable causes behind the occurrence of QuickBooks Error 6073

Below, we have given a complete list of all the possible reasons behind QuickBooks error code 6073.

  1. If you are using a company file in a single-user mode from another PC, this might be one of the reasons behind the error occurrence.
  2. When you have saved the company file in a read-only network folder, it may lead to QB error code 6073.
  3. When all the company files are hosting through a Linux server
  4. The company file is utilized remotely via (LogMeln, GoToMyPc, etc). It might create an error.

Solutions to deal with QuickBooks Error 6073

QuickBooks error 6073 may encounter in four situations and needs to resolve as soon as possible to continue working on the company file. Here, we are listing down all the relevant solutions that can be applied based upon the condition in which you are facing the error.

Let’s look into the following situations and then apply solutions to resolve QuickBooks error 6073.

Situation 1: When you are accessing the system remotely via Go ToMyPC, LogMeiIn, etc.

  1. First of all, choose the Taskbar and click on the Task Manager option.
  2. After that, click on the Processes tab.
  3. Now, verify that the process is running under the user’s name in which QuickBooks error 6073 is appearing.
  4. Finally, restart the system only when there is a process under the user’s name.

Situation 2: When you are accessing the company file in single-user mode to host the device.

  1. The first step is to choose the File menu and select the Close the Company option.
  2. And then, access the company file again.
  3. Again, select the File menu and select the Open or Restore Company option.
  4. Next, select open a company file and tap on Next.
  5. You need to open a company file into multi-user mode.
  6. Finally, check whether the issue is fixed or not.

Situation 3: When the company file is opened in single-user mode on another PC

  1. First of all, shut down QuickBooks on all workstations.
  2. After that, access the company file on the host PC.
  3. Choose the File menu and click on Switch to Multi-user mode.
  4. Finally, reboot the PC if the error persists.

Situation 4: When you have saved the company in a read-only network folder

  1. Initially, choose the workstation in which the company is hosted.
  2. Now, launch the folder in which the company file is saved.
  3. Right-click on the folder to choose Properties.
  4. After that, go to the security tab and choose the user that has issues while logging in to the file.
  5. Hit the Edit option and click on Allow to full control.
  6. Finally, save the changes and press OK.


We assume that the aforementioned post has proved to be fruitful for you in fixing QuickBooks Error 6073. Well, all the related aspects of the same issue have been mentioned in the post. But, if you are still struggling with the error 6073 and unable to fix it on your own, it is recommended to get connected with our team by dialing QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number +1-805-257-5030 (Toll-Free).

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