QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool Usage and installation procedure

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

In order to solve all network issues, damages to a data file and tons of other technical issues that occur in the applications of the QuickBooks bundle, QuickBooks Connection or Network Diagnostic Tool is provided by Intuit to its clients. The tool has been created to start the diagnosis and getting rid of the bugs and errors that keep frequently occurring in QuickBooks automatically.

If you are looking for assistance with your software, the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool is the ideal technical solution for you, as it will pretty much resolve all the problems on its own, while you sit back and watch the procedure take place.

Please keep in mind that:

  • You might receive a message box that will ask you whether or not you would like to continue using the 2016 version of the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic tool if you are working on a version of QuickBooks that you had acquired before the year of 2016. It is thoroughly recommended that you should update it to the latest version so that the security of your application is never compromised.
  • This tool is only available for customers who use the Windows versions for QuickBooks; it is currently not available for any of the QuickBooks Versions for Mac.

Errors that QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool Can Fix:

QuickBooks  Connection Diagnostic tool is especially effective in corporate environments where QuickBooks is being used by a lot of users. Errors that occur in company files that are shared across a server is the most common way for them to occur, QuickBooks Diagnostic Connection tool has been configured in such a way that it is able to identify these errors.

This tool’s main function is to get rid of the numerous errors that might occur in your QuickBooks as mentioned above, the most frequent ones include:

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool Fix Errors

  • The Windows firewall’s configuration of ports is of poor quality.
  • The list of vendors in your software is blank.
  • All your lists of customers are empty.
  • You are being denied any access to the database of QuickBooks.
  • In case you encounter Qb multi-user errors, you might receive these QuickBooks error H101, H202, H303, H404, H505.
  • The core files of your QuickBooks are missing, or they have been corrupted by a virus.
  • The files in your system registry have been damaged or corrupted.
  • The entries in your employee lists are missing.
  • You are being troubled by these unanticipated error message boxes:
    • 6150: You have a damaged QuickBooks installation.
    • 6000 -82: You do not have access to a company file.
    • 6000 -301: The file you are looking for is no longer present at the requested location.
    • 6147: A common error that prevents you from restoring a back-up.
    • 6130: Your firewall might be blocking your access.

Installation and Usage procedure of the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool:

QuickBooks connection diagnostic Tool setup

  • First, you need to ensure that you aren’t using any of the earlier versions of the software on your system. This might cause the update/installation procedure to face interference. If you are operating on any such version, ensure that before you move on, you uninstall it.
  • Navigate to the OEM website and download the package for installation and extract the files from your computer.
  • Open up the setup and ensure that you follow the instructions meticulously in order to install the application.
  • Then, open up the tool which should start up automatically if the installation process has been completed successfully.
  • Go to the directory that acquires the company file that you want to diagnose using the drop-down list.
  • If you are using the software as a single user, there is no need to use the network connectivity option. A majority of the issues that you are facing will most likely be rooted in the corruption of the file. However, from time to time, connectivity issues could be the reason that you are struggling with errors as well.
  • Once you have received a message box, type in your admin password.
  • Then, click on “ok
  • Now, you will need to make a choice of whether you are on a Host computer or a Workstation PC. This depends on whether you are a singular user or not, or if you are working alongside multiple users.
  • Finally, you will have to wait for a while as the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool will scan and repair your company files, or recognize your system’s problem with connectivity. It has proven to have a high success rate, and will definitely resolve most of the errors you might be facing.

How much time taken by the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool to Scan?

QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool might take a few moments while it scans for errors. QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool shouldn’t take too much of your time to detect and get rid of the issues that you are facing. But, at times, it could take a bit longer to repair as the error that you might be facing could be a bit difficult to identify.

NOTE: Make sure that you close the application after you are done.


Hope this blog has helped in clearing any queries you might have about this topic. Still, stuck? Contact the QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number  1-805-257-5030 which is easily available online without any worries as they are always there to resolve your silliest queries happily.

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