What Versions of QuickBooks are Compatible with Windows 10?

QuickBooks windows 10 compatibility

QuickBooks is an acclaimed cloud-based, accounting software, developed and designed by Inuit Inc. It is designed, by keeping in mind, the small, medium and large sized businesses. Additionally, it is software used to manage accurate financial records of the business.

The software can only perform well when it has a surface to function. Otherwise, compatibility can be an issue for the software. Inuit Inc makes sure that it sends out timely updates of the QuickBooks for the purpose of the users getting updated files. With the launch of a new operating system, Microsoft Windows 10, Inuit Inc has indeed started working on the new updates of QuickBooks. Those updates, which are compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 have been rolled by Inuit for the purpose of its users.

A thing to note here that: number of QuickBooks version have become unsupported with Microsoft Windows 10. According to the official Inuit QuickBooks forum, QuickBooks 2014 and older than this are no longer a supported version of QuickBooks.

The user’s system might witness several actions which are not in the good light.

  • As there is an unsupported version of QuickBooks, the Internet Explorer will get turn off.
  • The Internet Explorer version installed on the user’s computer system is prior to version 6.0.
  • An incorrect Windows registry key in the user’s computer system.

QuickBooks 2016 R7 or Higher Version

Inuit Inc has surely made marvelous updates to the QuickBooks, to better work with Microsoft Windows 10. In other words, to make QuickBooks compatible with Windows 10. Timely updates to the QuickBooks turned out to be fruitful for Inuit Inc, therefore, the QuickBooks has become compatible with Windows 10.

Although, Windows 10 is the latest operating system in the operating system family. So, it surely portends that it requires new updates to the applications which will be running on it. This notion is perfectly captured by the Inuit Inc, and thus, created a better version of QuickBooks, to be working with Microsoft Windows 10.

Everybody does not have the latest QuickBooks software, which is compatible with Windows 10. In this case, the user can update the QuickBooks software, and start using it for the financial needs. If a user starts using an older version of QuickBooks Windows 10, then, several errors will come.

QuickBooks 2015 & 2016 Version – Release 1 to Release 6

Inuit Inc does well-dived research before releasing any updates of the QuickBooks for Windows 10. Both versions of the QuickBooks – 2015 & 2016 – will work with Windows 10 if the system has the appropriate requirements.

Microsoft .NET 3.5 for QuickBooks 2015

  • Push the “Start” button.
  • Check for the option “Turn Windows Features on or off”
  • Click on the option
  • When the user clicks on the option, a new dialog box is opened. There, the user can see .NET Framework 3.5.
  • Enable the option
  • Reboot the system

Consequently, an error code name as QuickBooks Error 15271 will occur to the user when the user is using QuickBooks 2014 with Windows 10. As a result, the error is related to:

  • QuickBooks maintenance
  • QB release
  • QuickBooks update
  • QB error

This error mainly does that it won’t let open the company file to the user due to which, the user cannot access the valuable data from the QuickBooks. Certain features of QuickBooks will stop working due to this error.

Eventually, it is important to realize that there is a number of ways to handle this error. But if one goes step-by-step, then, it won’t be much of the problem. You can first update the QuickBooks software provided from the official Inuit server. Hence, this easy step can solve many problems. Surely, call an expert if you know that help is required.

To conclude, the errors have become easy to handle with the regular updates from both the parties – Microsoft Windows 10 and QuickBooks.

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