How to Activate and use of Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks direct deposit form

QuickBooks is indeed the best financial software available in the market. It is widely used by thousands of companies. It helps in managing all track inventory which contains entire information in the form of statements. A user can work simultaneously on several features, such as handling payroll, invoices, bill payments, bank deposits and so on. The company provides time-to-time constant updates to ensure that a user doesn’t face any uninterrupted services. Using Quickbooks Direct Deposit form can speed up the employee payment process.

QuickBooks Direct Deposit feature is another feature-packed tool that helps in employee payroll management. As a result, when you run QuickBooks Direct Deposit forms from the payroll, you can directly pay employees directly from QuickBooks Desktop.

How to Activate the QuickBooks Direct Deposit Form?

Steps to be followed to activate Direct Deposits:

  • First, go to the ‘EMPLOYEES’ menu, and select ‘MY PAYROLL SERVICES’.
  • Now, on the ‘VERIFY COMPANY INFORMATION’ section, enter the ‘LEGAL COMPANY NAME and ADDRESS’.
  • Click on the appropriate INDUSTRY.
  • Now, the user needs to enter details like- EMAIL ID, SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, and DATE OF BIRTH of the Owner of the company.
  • Enter the PAYROLL ADMINISTRATOR INFORMATION, BANK INFORMATION, such as the bank account details registered in the QuickBooks account, and which will be used for paying the employees.
  • An agreement will occur, the user needs to click on the box to finish the details. After that, the users will have to enter a SECURITY QUESTION to secure the details registered.
  • Click ‘SUBMIT’ once the form is completed.

QuickBooks Direct Deposit

Now, after activating the QuickBooks Direct Deposit, the user is able to make certain changes like edit, set up and remove Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop for his employees:

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How to Set up an Employee for the QuickBooks Direct Deposit Form?

QuickBooks direct deposit form

How to Edit QuickBooks direct deposit form information of the employees?

The User needs to edit the bank account information of the employee before creating a paycheck for him/her. Paychecks that are created before one update the employee’s account information will be deposited directly to the old bank account. To avoid this, the user can delete and recreate the paychecks before sending them into QuickBooks.

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Follow the steps given below:

  • First, open the paycheck and go to the Paycheck Detail window.
  • Now, unselect the User Direct Deposit option in the paycheck detail, select Save and Close.
  • lastly, open the paycheck again and choose the Use Direct Deposit option. After this, click on Save.
  • Now, permanently remove the direct deposit from an employee’s profile.
  • For not paying the direct deposit to an employee, the user can remove them from the setup.
  • Choose Employees and then go to the Employee Center.
  • Select the name of the employee to edit that profile.
  • Now, look for the Payroll Info tab.
  • In the end, select the Direct Deposit button. Then, clear the box Use Direct Deposit for this employee.

In Conclusion

In case of any issues regarding the Quickbooks direct deposit form feature, QuickBooks Enterprise Support team is available to assist a user in any hurdle he/she faces. Don’t need to take further steps in case any error displayed while activating the QuickBooks Direct Deposit feature. Stop and delete data, and call QuickBooks  Enterprise Support Phone Number +1-805-257-5030 experts with the concern/error code to get efforts less solution.

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